MINNEAPOLIS – A federal jury found an Illinois man guilty of sex trafficking a woman and transporting another woman to engage in prostitution.

Following a four-day trial 29-year-old, Darnell Stennis was convicted of sex trafficking by force, fraud, and coercion, transporting an individual to engage in prostitution, and obstruction.

According to the evidence presented at trial, between January and March 2019, Stennis transported a woman between Minnesota and North Dakota for the purpose of engaging in prostitution. During this same time, Stennis used threats and physical violence to force another woman into performing commercial sex acts.

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On March 25, 2019, officers with the Bloomington Police Department were dispatched to the La Quinta Inn in Bloomington following a report that a hotel guest heard yelling and what sounded like someone being thrown against a wall. Upon arrival, officers encountered Stennis and the two women.

Officers checked the hotel room and observed obvious signs of a disturbance, including a toilet seat that was broken into multiple pieces and a towel rack that was bent.

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