If you are into all of that artsy fartsy stuff, then this might be just the thing you would like to participate in.

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The Walker Art Center, which is the home to all things "Modern Art" has some very cool pieces to view, get your art culture on, and feel like maybe you are doing something that might help you out with something other than just sitting and drinking at a bar.  The museum will give you plenty of things to talk about.  The one that I find most often, and this is coming from someone who has a BFA degree in Art, is the "Really? That's in a museum? It looks like I could have done that in elementary school".  In other words, what people considered art in the Modern Art period was very innovative for the time.  But to this generation, it may seem very simple.

To each their own.

But, if you would like to experience some (possibly) cool, innovative, and converstation starting pieces of art and you don't want to pay the admission price to do so, the Walker Art Center offers Free Thursdays every Thursday night.

Thursday Nights are free for everyone! Every week, the Walker invites you to visit the galleries, participate in special programming, and enjoy the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at no cost.

The Walker‘s Library also opens its doors 5–9 pm on Thursdays for the public to explore the book collection and archives—just follow signs from the Main Lobby through the Art Lab.

Public tours start in the Main Lobby and are free on Thursday evenings. Please gather five minutes before 6 pm.

Normal admission without a membership is $18 for adults, $16 for seniors.  If you have a membership to the Walker, your admission is always free.

This could be a great date night, or especially a first date night.  You can see how culturally centered your date is or isn't.  If it's free, and you have never been to the Walker Art Center, great time to check it out.

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