ST. CLOUD -- State officials have determined about 214-thousand people were not eligible for COVID "hero bonuses".

Those who were denied were notified via email last week with the reasons behind their denial.

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James Honerman is the Communications Director for the Department of Labor and Industry. He says if you did not receive an email last week denying your application, there is nothing more you need to do.

All applicants that applied for frontline worker pay were notified via email that no further action is required or that their application was denied and they are eligible to submit an appeal by 5:00 p.m. August 31st.

Honerman says the Department of Labor and Industry, DEED and Department of Revenue are processing the appeals as quickly as possible.

He says they'll decide on the final list after reviewing the appeals, then issue checks this fall.

After all the submitted appeals are processed and reviewed then all the applicants will receive an email about final decisions this fall.

Honerman says if you have any questions about your denial or appeal they have a list of frequently asked questions on the Department of Labor's website. 

The legislature appropriated 500-million dollars for "hero pay" checks. Depending on how many appeals are approved or denied, each person will receive a check in the four-to-five-hundred-dollar range.


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