Despite a seven-year absence from the music scene, Fiona Apple is just as popular as ever. The acclaimed singer-songwriter, known for her emotional performances and general strange-itued, released her latest hit album, ‘The Idler Wheel…’, in June.

‘The Idler Wheel’ has already landed on some “best of 2012” lists and has received generally positive reviews from critics. Apple is currently touring the U.S., playing sold out shows to patient fans who have learned to wait several years between her album releases.

We know Fiona isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s hard not crush on her today, as she continues to permeate the culture with her well-constructed ballads and peppier numbers and her enigmatic personality.

She’s talented, beautiful, and we get the felling that if we looked at her the wrong way, she may just bite off our ear. What can we say, we like unpredictable ladies, and Apple is easily one of the most unpredictable personalities in pop music today.




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