When you think of Spring you probably think of birds singing, green grass, maybe even a tulip or two.  Not this stuff falling from the sky, yet again.  UGH!!!  I knew we were in for trouble when March was so nice at the beginning.  You know the old saying, in like a lamb.... it's definitely living up to that old adage.  Out like a LION!

I haven't checked the Farmer's Almanac, and not sure I believe that anyway, but what does it have to say about the Summer?  Does this mean cooler weather?  Does it mean more precipitation?  Or does it mean nothing?  I never know weather or not to believe or have any stock in the Farmer's Almanac.  And sometimes I don't know if I have any stock in meteorologists.

But eventually Spring and Summer will be here.  And then people will complain about it being too hot and humid.

Remember this when that happens.

Happy Spring!

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