Personally, I’ve never been much of an outdoorsman. I’ve tried it all: fishing, hunting, sports, camping, hiking, you name it. I just can’t get into it. I don’t like getting my hands dirty nor do I enjoy the prospect of dealing with a deceased animal.

Hunting and fishing in particular kind of freak me out because I think about “Bambi” and “Finding Nemo” after the deed is done. I know it’s unrealistic to attribute human emotions to animals (in ways) but I can’t help it. Seeing poor Bambi lose his mother as a child was nothing short of traumatic for me.

But hey, I know a lot of people that love the great outdoors. One of the more popular activities amongst my extended family is fishing. It seems like most of them watch the clock year round, waiting for fishing season to come around. Well, if you happen to be a fisherman yourself you’ll definitely want to check out the annual Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener on Green Lake (in the Willmar Lakes area.)

Although some of the events taking place there are primarily for media correspondents and invited guests, there is a community picnic open to the general public featuring free food, family fun and other activities. The Fishing Opener takes place from May 12th – May 13th.

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