We all have weird quirks about us that only we understand, and one of them just may be that fact that we actually like the smell of certain things that others may deem DISGUSTING.  Don't worry, if you see the list and realize you like a lot of these you are not a freak.  Well you might be....

Here are five things that Reddit readers found to be likable, dare I say lovable, smells.

  1. Gas stations and/or exhaust fumes:  I for one agree with this.  I have always liked the smell of gas and exhaust, ever since I was little.  I love going to a racetrack and smelling the fumes.  I also love going to the airport - just something about that smell of jet fuel.
  2. Dry erase markers:  I have to say I like this one too.  Really any sort of marker will do.  Doesn't have to be a dry erase marker only.
  3. Dogs:  I don't like this one at all.  In fact, this is one of the reasons I dislike dogs.  Yeah I'm that guy that doesn't like dogs.  Get over it.
  4. Your significant other's body odor:  .I am not a fan of body odor, mostly because it's usually on someone else and that is gross.  Now my own on the other hand is sweet like honey.  But your's is gross.  Doesn't matter what I think though, I know a lot of woman who like they man's odor.  I think I speak for most men when I say that I don't like b.o. on woman though.  ICK!
  5. A musty basement:  I don't like this one either.  To me a musty basement means moisture, moisture means water is getting in and there's a possibility of mold.  I guess musty basements could be comforting though, it may remind you of your grandma's house.  At least it does for me.

Some other smells that round out the top 10 were cigarette smoke, after sex smell (GROSS), chlorine and swimming pools, cow manure (my dad always said that was the smell of money), and Indian food.