I've done a lot of 'Minnesota things' over the past 24 and a half years that I've lived in Minnesota, but there are still some things that never seen or done. Now does that make me a 'bad Minnesotan?'... I personally don't think it does.

After thinking it over, here are my top 5 things that I've 'missed out' on:

1) I’ve never been ice fishing (After my Dad, Uncle and Godfather almost were killed during one of their trips a seven years ago, I've vowed to never go ice fishing)
2) I’ve never eaten lutefisk
3) I’ve never been to the Renaissance Festival
4) I’ve traveled up north but I’ve never seen the Boundary Waters
5) I have never been to the International Wolf Center in Ely


What’s something you’ve never done (Minnesotan or otherwise) that might surprise people?

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