There's one thing that this social-distancing, self-quarantining, staying-at-home thing has done. I've been playing video games. Or gaming as the kids call it. But really, it's been just one video game in particular. It's called Rocket League, and it's fantastic. My son and I having been playing together. I play with some friends in different parts of the country. We catch up on each other's lives, talk about personal issues that we've got going on, and we do this while driving around this arena, trying to put a big soccer ball into a net. I've nicknamed this gaming 'Therapy.'

But there's only so much of gaming, binge-watching, or whatever else you do when you're inside all the time. Eventually, you've got to get out of the house. So what can we do that is fun, gets you active, and keeps us social-distancing? Here are five things that you can do, in the St. Cloud area, that checks off all those boxes.


Beaver Island Trail

Whether you are into biking, rollerblading, or just want a nice place for walking or running, Beaver Island Trail is perfect, and it's beautiful. It runs next to the Mississippi River in downtown St. Cloud, St. Cloud State, and goes out to I-94



Disc Golf

I haven't gone disc golfing in 20 years. But when someone mentioned it, I thought, that's a great idea. And what a great way to enjoy the outside, get some exercise and have a lot of fun. There are several courses in the St. Cloud area. Go to the Visit Greater St. Cloud website and pick a course.

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Lake Wobegon Trail

The new St. Joseph to Waite Park extension to the Lake Wobegon Trail is open. Hit the trail and explore St. Joseph by bike. Or head farther west on the trail to Avon, Albany, or even up to Holdingford where you can see Minnesota's longest covered bridge.

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Munsinger Gardens

An excellent place for a casual stroll while looking at beautiful flowers and landscaping. I drive past it every day, and the flowers have been starting to bloom.

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Quarry Park

One of my personal favorites is Quarry Park. A place you can go that's still in the city but will make you feel like you're in some far off location. You'll find my family and I there several times a year.

David Black
David Black


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