When this whole thing happened with the small liquids, take off your shoes, run through the full body 360 scanner, etc TSA deal started happening at the airport, it was like you needed a tutorial on what was ok and what wasn't.

SInce then, I have gotten in the habit of traveling with clothes that have no pockets, no metal, slip on shoes, and whatever else is easiest to get me through the TSA check as quickly as possible.

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I just came to the conclusion that I couldn't bring along any food or liquids.  If there was anything that I was going to bring on the plane, I knew that I would have to pay an exorbitant amount of money in the airport for that bag of popcorn and a coffee or bottle of water.  Since then, I have found that there are some tricks.  Bring an empty water bottle, and just fill it up after the TSA check.  And you can actually bring along solid foods.  Totally ok.  Things have gotten a little easier.

Enter traveling for the holidays.  Maybe you have that special thing you want to bring for the holidays for your family, or maybe you want to bring a little bit of Thanksgiving home with you.

There are things that are ok to bring on the plane, and then there are things that you can bring, but you would have to check those items into the baggage check and pick them up later at baggage claim.  And with hopes that everything arrives in one piece.

TSA has released a list of what is ok to carry on the plane with you, and what isn't.


If you cannot see the entire list - check out the link here. Just keep in mind it boils down to solids and liquids.  And remember, a sauce is a liquid. Canned or not canned and that includes peanut butter.  Not that peanut butter is a normal Thanksgiving food, but just know that things like that are considered a liquid.  Crazy, right?

Also - if you plan to take some things home, maybe plan on an extra checked bag with some plastic or some way to wrap up your delicious foods so that they make it where you are going in the condition that you want them to.

Happy Holidays!

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