It's that time of year with a lot of people will either be traveling for the holidays or will be booking a vacation for the spring.  What do you do with your pet?  Some people will take their furry friend with them, others... in fact most people... will board their pet for the time they are gone.  But, with so many people having anxiety about air travel, sometimes having an emotional support animal will help you.

Christmas pets

But, with people seeming to push the limits of what is and what isn't an emotional support animal, like trying to get a peacock, duck, potbellied pig, and in one instance a snake...yes, a SNAKE through... this has prompted major airlines like Delta to scale back on what is allowed.  Well, now there are some new rules being put forth in an effort to make sure each passenger is happy... or at least content.  And will allow certain animals on board.

...the new restrictions don’t mean you should leave Fido at home or in a kennel just because your vacation includes a plane trip. More than 1 million pets (mostly dogs and cats) fly with their owners in the U.S. every year, usually without incident.

“The vast majority of animals brought on board are well-behaved,” says Charles Hobart, a United Airlines spokesman who estimates that the airline carries roughly 160,000 pets and nearly 200,000 service and emotional support animals every year.

There are, of course, some fees that you also need to consider.

 ...the cost—around $250 round-trip on most lines—and the rigors and stress an airline trip can inflict on your pooch.

Click here for some other restrictions and regulations that you need to consider if you are planning on bringing your furry family member along on your air travel trip.


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