FOLEY (WJON News) - The newly-crowned Foley Ambassadors are adjusting to their roles. The two new Foley Ambassadors were crowned at a ceremony Saturday night, and have been presiding over the Foley Fun Days since.

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Allison Lewandowski and Braelynn Huperus were crowned Foley Ambassadors.

Allison is most excited about the opportunity to represent the Foley community at different events statewide.

I would say the best part of being an ambassador is just going around and connecting with everyone and making new friendships and just seeing everyone and their difference between the royalties.

The six candidates for Junior Foley Ambassador were whittled down to two at the coronation. Allison Flettre and Hattie Gunderson were named this year’s Junior Foley Ambassadors.

The smallest contestants at the Foley Ambassador coronation always steal the show, and last Saturday’s event was no different. Hailey Bosshart and Juliana Timpe were crowned this year’s Little Miss Foley. Juliana is most excited about participating in parades.

I really want to see the parade but my favorite thing is right now, when we're going to walk around and do a tattoo.

The tattoo did wash off. The six will spend the next year as the official ambassadors of their community.



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