FOLEY -- Fire prevention week is next week and Foley Fire Department is hosting its annual open house Saturday.

It is from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and features free hot dogs, free pumpkins, and a fire demonstration. They will also have materials about fire prevention for kids and adults.

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Foley Fire Chief, Mark Pappenfus, says now is a good time to talk to your kids about your family's fire escape plan.

Talk to your kids about an escape plan. We push that really hard. All the kindergarteners will come here, or we'll go visit them at school this month. We really push those items about the escape plan. Get out, stay out.

Pappenfus says if you are planning on having any fires in your back yard this fall, keep it smaller than three feet wide and away from any structures. When you are done, make sure the fire is completely out and cover it so the wind won't reignite any hot spots.

He also recommends you check your smoke detectors.

I'm always a big pusher of smoke detectors. Every house should have multiple smoke detectors, for every living spot in the house. Check them. It's a great time of year. Change your clock, change your battery. Now the ten year ones, you don't have to any more, but still they should be getting checked. Push the button. Check them once a month.

Fire prevention week is October 4th through the 9th.

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