I love the "Before They Were Stars" bit. Sometimes you get a glimpse of gifted talent before they were discovered. Other times it's a look into a star's embarrassing past.

Here's a twofer: a 15-year old Taylor Hawkins performing in a 1987 battle of the bands at Laguna Beach High School. Despite the hair, he had great taste in music!

MTV via YouTube
Shane Hawkins (MTV via YouTube)

The video quality of Taylor is...well, on par with the era. Ultra High-Definition digital camcorders weren't yet a thing...heck, regular high-definition cameras on phones weren't a thing. So the video is a little VHS-y.

But looking at the video of a 15-year-old Taylor Hawkins and then looking at a similar-aged Shane Hawkins (Taylor's son)...you can see the resemblance. And certainly the talent got passed down from father to son.

We passed the two-year anniversary of Taylor's heartbreaking death (March 25th, 2022) just last month. I feel lucky to have seen Taylor perform with Foo Fighters on their tour supporting 2005's In Your Honor.

Take comfort in knowing that not only are the Foo Fighters marching on, but Shane Hawkins is also blossoming in his own right.

He drums for his band Ted Ed Fred, and has drummed for his father's cover band Chevy Metal.

Enjoy a high-emotion rendition of the Foo Fighters classic "My Hero", with Shane Hawkins pounding out that signature beat.

The song was written by Dave Grohl about his admiration for ordinary people, as he looks up to everyday people more than celebrities. That's a great perspective.

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Speaking of a Rock Star's Kid Shining in His Own Right

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Gallery Credit: Choad

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