Let’s be honest. Pop music nowadays sucks. Every now and then you stumble onto a pop artist that’s talented, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s all auto-tuned garbage with the same regurgitated chord progressions and lyrical content.

The pop scene is a snooze-fest as far as I’m concerned. But popular music wasn’t always bland. There was a time in the not too distant past when there was an abundance of diversity and innovation. Among the most talented and original artists of yesteryear was Frank Sinatra.

Now, I’m not personally a huge fan of the “big-band” style, but as a former saxophone player I definitely appreciate it. Not to mention, Frank just had a soothing voice. Even as a metal head, if I had the chance to see him perform I’d take it. The guy was a legend.

If you’re like me and you’d like the opportunity to see his tunes performed live you should check out “Sinatra!” – with the Andrew Walesch big band. They’ll be covering Frank’s most famous songs at The Paramount Theatre (St. Cloud) on June 26th. They’re doing two performances – one at 1:30 pm and one at 7 pm. Tickets are on sale now for $17 - $20.

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