Stearns County Director of Public Health Renee Frauendienst joined me on WJON today.  She feels Covid-19 has peaked in Stearns County but that doesn't mean more infection cannot happen.  Frauendienst says more testing identified more positive cases of Covid-19 weeks ago and we have seen numbers become more steady in recent weeks.  Listen to our conversation below.


Renee has announced that she will be retiring June 12.  She had planned on retiring at the end of April but changed her plans due to the outbreak of Covid-19.  She now feels that Stearns County has systems and the people in place to handle the disease.  She also feels that Stearns County will be ready to distribute a Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available.

Frauendienst has been the Stearns County Public Health Director for the last 32 years.  She says she is proud of many accomplishments in her time with the county and her favorite thing is when the community comes together to address health issues.  Melissa Huberty will be taking over for Frauendienst on an interim basis starting June 12.

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