A little bit of blood for a little bit of cash (via digital gift card)? Seems like a good trade-off. I've got plenty of blood, but definitely not plenty of gift cards cash.

Next week, you can get a blood test (and even the results!) for more than free. How is it "more than free"? They'll pay you for the blood, and even give you the results of the test, too! andyeahthere'sacatch

The Community Resource Fair and Cub Foods, June 20th-22nd

The blood test will check your LP(a) levels to assess your heart attack risk, A1C, and kidney function. In return (besides the health knowledge), you'll get a $45 digital gift card.

The catch?

Care Access is a contractor trying to find candidates for a study. If your bloodwork matches what they're looking for, you'll be asked to participate in the study. What's the study?


It's probably not nefarious, and perhaps there's more compensation available if you take part, but you'll only know if they (Care Access) contact you.

Is It Worth It?

The fair is at the 701 W Broadway Minneapolis Cub Foods from Thursday, June 20th through Saturday, June 22nd. You do get legitimate info from the blood test, and a $45 digital gift card. If a trip to the cities for that is worth it to you, you can sign up here.

And if you happen to uncover a condition that you didn't know you had, that could be worth a lot more than a digital gift card.

Find more info here.

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