First of all - Free Food always seems to taste better, right?  At least that is my story and I'm sticking to it.

And especially if it's something that you have maybe wanted to try, and haven't as of yet.  And if it's something where you can get something for your kids, and hang out together, it might be even better.

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Next Tuesday, Chick Fil A in St. Cloud will be offering free kids meals.  It isn't all day, however. It's just for dinner.  The restaurant will be offering free kids meals from 5 to 7pm on Tuesday, and it's only "while supplies last".  I guess they need to say that in case they get a sudden surge of people with 10 kids or something flying though wanting the free kids meals.  A disclaimer so to speak.

The free meals are for kids ages 12 and under.

“We know how tricky it can be to squeeze in quality time together as a family, which is why we love hosting nights like these,” said Nancy Christman, owner-operator of Chick-fil-A in Maple Grove. 

“So, come enjoy a free Kid’s Meal on us, but stay for the activities, laughs and memories.”

So, they love seeing families doing things together, and if they can help with that, then they will.

So, if you have kids in the age range of 12 and under, take advantage of this one day deal this coming Tuesday, February 13.  If you will be in the metro area for some reason at that time, the location at Stadium Village will also have free cookies during that time from 5-7pm.  Not sure why that part of the deal isn't available at every location.

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