First of all, are we really already talking about the State Fair?  I mean, we barely have made it out of Winter... with those two months of March that we have to endure.  The unofficial kick off to summer happens this weekend, and now we are already looking to the State Fair???  Doesn't happen til the end of August, but here ya go... free shows! 

(Photo: Joe Bielawa for Townsquare Media St. Cloud)

The big Grandstand shows were just announced last week, some had been announced earlier, but they wrapped up their schedule last week.  Looks like a great line up!  But they are also a bit pricey if you don't have the budget for that including the show, fair admission, and all of the fair food that you are going to purchase and eat on the way to the Grandstand.  How about some live FREE shows?  There are a boatload of those too!

One of my favorite things at the fair is the Leinies Bandshell shows.  This year looks great!  There are some bigger names for the evening shows, with some lesser names during the day.  But all really very good.. .and something for everyone.


Now, let's enjoy the rest of the Summer, as the fair is kind of the unofficial END to Summer.  I don't want to think about that quite yet.