St. Cloud's Craigslist has some great deals at times. Free stuff, on the other hand, is the most puzzling of the entire website. Here's the latest bizarre ads this week!

Free Couch (similar color to a pile of dung)


I guess it IS a couch, but who in the world would want this stained (with who knows what!), torn up piece of furniture in their home? The description in the ad is obviously attracting somebody who doesn't care about the couch, but rather the $20 the owner is willing to pay somebody to take it away.



What is this thing? An over sized fruit bowl?

It's always helpful to give a description of what you'd like to get rid of...even if it's free. In this case a description is a must. You go through all that work to create the ad and take the picture, but leave the rest up to guessing? Here's the description: "Free - Email me and I will set it out by the curb". Good luck with that!



Two Free Roosters - oh how fitting!



I know we have some rural areas in central Minnesota, and I'm sure roosters are great pets too! Nothing like swapping out your alarm clock for a rooster. Maybe the chickens need some mates to help produce eggs I guess. Nothing better than Craigslist to find a good home for these guys!




Free "scrape" aka wall oven

In looking at this ad for "scrape", I thought they just made a typo in the title of the ad. Oh no way - this is "scrape" all the way through the ad! The description proves that: "scrape, old wall mount oven. text only please..". I wonder if they are also giving away a free "cough" (couch).

Of course, safety 1st. Try to always bring a person with you when looking at these items. Meet in a public location if at all possible, and buyer's beware! See you the next time around.