Trying to stay as safe as possible during this pandemic is truly a challenge, to put it lightly.  Air travel is especially tricky. Personally, I refuse to fly for now unless it's absolutely necessary.

Airline Industry On Edge As Coronavirus Continues To Spread
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There's a CEO of a yogurt company that has flown 33 times since the pandemic hit. He has some constructive, some bordering on a little over the top suggestions to make your air travel a little bit safer.

He suggests you wear multiple layers of disposable gloves. This enables you to peel them off as you go. May be slightly uncomfortable but helpful.

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Use a paper ticket to avoid scanning off your phone.  Scanner may be contaminated and could pass virus to you phone.

Bring a good supply of disposable masks. He suggests you change masks every 4 hours.

While at the airport, avoid the food court .Eat before you go to the airport. If you get a drink, wipe down the bottle. While waiting for your flight, find a non crowded spot to sit.

When you just "gotta" go, look for non crowded restrooms, even if it means walking to another part of the terminal. Never use the restroom on the plane.

Since the air on the plane is filtered and recirculated every few minutes, it's not a big worry but always wear your mask on the plane. Wipe down everything around your seat.

Safe travels!


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