Here we are, it's the day everyone waits for all week.  It's finally Friday!!  But, it's a Friday the 13th.  The day that scary movies have been made about, superstitions, and every so often, people think it's their lucky day.  I'm not one of them.  I don't think it's lucky or unlucky.  It's just another day.


But maybe you could make it the luckiest ever!  Not necessarily because it's Friday the 13th, but because you could make it a day to do 13 things that would possibly make better, more lucky things happen for you.  That's the beauty of that... it's in your own power.  So, make Friday the 13th a day that can always be remembered as the luckiest day ever.  So even if you are superstitious, it can still be made into a good day.


But watch out for that ladder... walk around it, not under it.  And don't let a black cat cross your path on this day... just to be sure.

Cheers and have a great "lucky" weekend!