Friday the 13th is the day of Bad luck or Horror films, maybe a superstition or two. At one time Friday and the number thirteen were considered to be bad luck, but put them together and you're sure to be doomed. It seems that now because of  history and word of mouth over the ages that they tend to drive fear in many people.

I have always been a fan of the horror movie, things in film that thought they could scare me, but to no avail. I did have one experience where I went and saw "The Exorsist", in 1974 and that film disturbed me some. I had just got home from the movie when I kept hearing strange sounds and movement coming from the bushes outside my front door. I think it took me what appeared to be an hour to get my keys in the door so that i could find safety on the other side.

My wife tends to jump at every sound, whether it's a sneeze or a loud bang in a horror film and my youngest daughter watches horror films between her fingers.

I tend to follow the Vampire Genre myself, I have many books about them and I even have a book on how to slay them. I have seen many a vampire film, hmm maybe I am a Vampire, scary to even think about it isn't it.

I tend to look for horror films that can give me a chill and if you fall into that category, you might be interested in what the Chiller Channel has to offer. I love Chiller TV and the programs, my wife thinks I'm crazy, but it's good stuff.

They are running a special titled"Can You Survive A Horror Movie"? Friday the 13th, @ 8P.M. Central Time.

"Scary Good",Chiller TV

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