Friday the 13th, a day of superstitions and urban legends but heaven forbid we as wine drinkers have to deal with wine phobias, well they are out there. Sit back pour yourself a nice glass of wine and I hope you don't suffer from a wine phobia.

Wine a drink that has been cultivated and produced for thousands of years, so like anything else wine is associated with superstition based on tradition,  so disregard any of these phobias at your own risk.

In Romania apparently the town folk pour portions of the libation on the ground so that their dead family/friends can drink with them.

In some areas of Germany the last of the harvested grapes have to be brought in by an ox drawn cart or that whole seasons harvest turns sour. Also a German phobia is that if a person dies and they have any wine it must be shaken as soon as possible.

Let's travel down to Italy where if by chance you spill any wine you are supposed to bad a bit of the spilled wine behind each ear (rumor has it that started back in the Roman days who thought spilling wine was a bad, bad thing).

If you follow history at all from Ancient Egypt, they buried the dead of royalty with five bottles of wine which enabled them to get in the afterlife.

Whether this still goes today or not but a fisherman could tell you that during a storm they would pour wine into the ocean to calm the waters.

Lithuanians are believed to say that at midnight of Christmas Eve that the water turns to wine and animals start to talk to each other when no one is around. Go figure.

One other  is that at Jewish Weddings the groom steps on a wine glass to bring long lasting happiness to the marriage.

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