This never seems to fail.  I sleep fine on the weekends and when Sunday night rolls around (this time it was Monday night) I can't sleep.  Like this Monday night I finally got to sleep around 12:15 or something... I have to get up around 4am.  Of course when the alarm goes off I have NO problem sleeping at all!


I'm sure it's all in my head because the the anticipation of the next work day and all that I need to do or get done.  But it still is awful.  Sets up for a long work week.


So now, apparently there is this drink that will put you to sleep within 30 minutes.  Well, hallelujah!  I'm skeptical, of course.  Why wouldn't I be.  But I'd be willing to try.  If it works, I wonder how long it takes for your body to realize that that what you are doing and then it doesn't work anymore after a certain time.  Like you build up a tolerance to it.  Also- I'm guessing that one shouldn't be depending on it every night.  BUT with that said, what if you try not to take it and go along with the idea that you shouldn't do that every night... and wind up lying away until umpteen hours of the night again.  Can't be taking that at 12am.  Probably would be super groggy at 4am.  HOLY caffeine, Batman!!

Warner Bros.

Maybe I should just try deep breathing on those nights.