A fulfillment center was proposed to be developed in Brooklyn Park recently.  This was rumored to be an Amazon company, but Amazon never confirmed that rumor.  If it had been, the good things were that it would have brought a lot of new jobs to the area... like possibly around one thousand new jobs, which of course would have helped the economy in the area too.



The bad thing was that it was right behind a very nice upscale housing development.  Other than this being something that no one who lived there would want, what with semi trucks in and out all day and night, but also the increased traffic in the area because of the employees.  Not only that, but in the agreement that was shown to the people building there said that there wouldn't be anything developed in that area.

The project was known as "Project Hotdish" which was also referred to as "Project Hotmess" by one person... he says that was just his opinion though.  The planning commission voted on Tuesday and the plan was rejected.  So the residents can rest easy... at least for now.

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