This past weekend we were getting a little stir-crazy being at home most of the time.  So, we headed to Stillwater, Minnesota.  Short drive, just  shy of an hour and a half from St. Cloud and it feels like somewhere completely different.

There is really a lot to do there, and you can totally be socially distant while doing it.  Yes, masks are required in most areas, some even outside in some circumstances, but it is what's required most places right now with the mask mandate.  I've almost come to look around and almost think it's completely normal at this point.  Although, it really isn't.

But here's the thing... you wake up to some gorgeous Fall colors, there is some exercise to be done without going to a gym, very nice outdoor eating options, and even some crazy activities with some craft cocktails. Then end your day with some more gorgeous fall views.

Stillwater trip in the Fall




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