The first trailer for David Ayer's new WWII film 'Fury' was released on Monday and if it's anything like the trailer, the classic epic war film is back with a vengeance.

Brad Pitt stars as a leathered Sherman tank commander who leads his 5 man team into the obligatory no-win mission. The only wrinkle is that they've got a too-new green recruit that might just be the end of them.

Ayers' other works, 'Training Day' as writer and 'End of Watch' as writer/director, are gritty for sure, and he successfully melds that grit with the look and feel of classic war films like Guns of Navarone, The Eagle Has Landed and A Bridge Too Far. At the same time, he preserves the personal story much like Saving Private Ryan, Enemy at the Gates and Letters From Iwo Jima. I've been a fan of Ayer's work since his first screenplay; U571.

Fury may just be one of those rare movies that has massive broad appeal as an historical period piece and outright hands-down Oscar potential.

Fury debuts in theatres November 14th, 2014