We all know that the weekend of Black Friday there are some great deals.  Some much better than others, but deals nonetheless.  Because of some lagging retail sales over the last couple of years, some retailers are trying to grab people before the actual Black Friday.  Target is one of those retailers that's offering some great deals between now and the Christmas holiday.

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Target also announced that they will do their price match promotion from now and running through December 24th - Christmas Eve.

There are deals on TVs, other electronics and ear buds, toys and home goods.  Also, a lot of these deals include a $5 gift card for you to use at a later date.  I love getting extra money.  Granted, it's just a discount that could have been applied to the original purchase, but this way they get you to come back to the store and hopefully buy even more.  See how that works?

Honestly, you probably would do that anyway, so it is still a win.  Plus, socks, slippers, sweats, etc.  All things that we, as Minnesotans love to wear in the winter months.  Score!

And of course, they will still have their Black Friday deals on the actual day.  So this is just giving them a boost before the actual holiday season begins.  Plus, it might be a good time to use some of those gift card rewards to get even better deals on Black Friday weekend.

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