Just in time for holiday shopping, Target is beginning their annual 10% off gift card purchase through this weekend.

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I know that some people think that giving a gift card as a gift to someone is copping out on an actual gift.  Like you didn't care enough to put some thought into the gift, so you just got a gift card.  Personally I love getting gift cards.  You can pick out your own gift, and there is no issue with having to return something and having the possibility of having the gift giver get hurt feelings.  It's really a win-win, but I do see how in some situations it could be taken as a "cop out".

The other big question is if there is a catch to this promotion?  The short answer is yes, kind of.  But it's nothing bad.  It's actually a "catch" that keeps on giving.

The discount is only available to customers who are in Target's loyalty program.  The loyalty program is called "Target Circle".  It is free to join!  And it can get you more discounts throughout the year.  So it's not a bad thing, but you do need to sign up prior to purchasing any gift cards to get the 10% off a Target Gift Card.  But it could be very advantageous.  For instance, if you purchased a $500 gift card, your cost would be just $450.  I think that is worth it.  That is, if you are planning to buy some gift cards, even if you are buying them for yourself to save a bit later.  No one will tell.

If you would like to get in on this action, check out Target's link on how to join the loyalty program.

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