I'm always fascinated by old abandoned towns.  Like the question of what happened?  Was it ever a "booming" town? Why did people leave... or did they all just die off from natural causes? Or unnatural causes?  What is the history of the town?

This one happens to be outside of East Grand Forks in Northern Minnesota.  The name of the town is/was Dorothy.  And the road into town just looks creepy. Like something you would see in a movie created from a Stephen King novel.  Like The Stand or The Happening from M. Night Shyamalan, something along those lines.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This town used to be a link to Canada with the railroad.  And now it's just a ghost town.  According to Wikipedia:

Dorothy was initially established as a railroad station in 1916–17, after the Northern Pacific Railway extended its line from Tilden Junction to Winnipeg and built a spur through Red Lake Falls. The new town sucked away what was left of the historic river crossing town, Huot, and for a time sputtered toward prosperity, boasting a grain elevator, a Catholic church, a school and several houses.

When the railroad was closed in the 70s, the town basically lost all of it's business.  There was a church, which apparently was really pretty... as in antique with a lot of stained glass windows.  It burned down in 2014.  That basically ended any evidence of the town, turning it into the ghost town that it is now.

I still think it would make a great location for a creepy/scary movie.  Plus think of all the revenue that would bring to the area.  Thoughts...thoughts.

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