Have you seen this? It's been set up in the Crossroads Mall parking lot since Tuesday night.  It ends Sunday late afternoon before it moves on to the next stop... also in Minnesota.

I have seen Cirque shows before, but not with a water feature.  This is called a "Water Circus" it runs through Sunday the 12th.  It's just a one weekend show.  But there are a few times set up for shows. Tickets are on sale now and run anywhere from $10 for a child and up to $50 for an adult.

Saturday looks to have 3 show time options.  Sunday there are two options, both in the afternoon.  Then they pack up and move on to the next site.

Doing some research on what to expect with this show, I found that it sounds intriquing.  This is what their website has to say about the show:

At Cirque Italia, the high-energy acts swing from ropes, flip over trapezes, and zip by on BMX bikes and roller skates—pushing the boundaries of human ability.

Sounds like there is something for everyone.  If you happen to miss the show here in St. Cloud, there are some other opportunities in Minnesota, but you'll have to make a day trip.  After St. Cloud's shows, they are moving to St. Paul, then Mankato and finally to Rochester.  These shows are going on each weekend in September through the beginning of October.

This video gives you an idea of what you can expect.

They are also recommending that attendees wear a mask, or at least bring one along.  You can see the COVID protocol statement here.

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