There have been many sculptures erected in front of many buildings in Minnesota.  Some are fairly iconic.  There is the Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth, there is Big Ole' in Alexandria, there is Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox in Bemidji.  Now, we can add another giant statue/sculpture.

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This time it is a ginormous Loon.  It will soon be in front of Allianz field in St. Paul.

According to Bring Me the News, this sculpture, which is 33 feet tall, will be placed "soon". Soon meaning summer of 2024

The "iconic and large-scale public artwork," a nod to both the Minnesota United (aka The Loons) and the official state bird, will dominate a newly created one-acre public park at the southeast corner of the Snelling Avenue and University Avenue, SMR said. The statue, which is being created by Scottish artist Andy Scott, is set for completion in early summer 2024.

Andy Scott, who is the artist, had this to say about the sculpture through

“When I was first introduced to the project and the opportunity, our study of the possibilities made it quickly apparent that there was one truly compelling possible route to take – and that was with a representation of the Loon. It’s so symbolic of Minnesota, the natural environment that has helped define it, and the people who have called it home throughout its history. The Loon has a unique and enduring place in the hearts of all Minnesotans and is a cause for such great civic pride."

Now, we will probably see the sculpture in some of the "weird and/or odd roadside attractions" in the near future.  The renderings of this sculpture are pretty amazing.

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