So this year I am actually taking part in a fantasy football league and honestly I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. But from what I've been told by many people, when the 'rookies' come into the league not sure of what to do, they normally win the whole thing. So I have a chance!!

Normally I just do pools with my friends about the big four of wrestling pay-per-views (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summer Slam and Survivor Series). But I thought why not step out of my comfort zone. Thankfully I'm not putting any money on all of this or I would be screwed!! Check out my picks and let me know what YOU think!


The 2017 Black Widows


QB: Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay) and Russell Wilson (Seattle)

♦️ Though I bleed purple and gold until the end of time,I know that A-a-ron will help me get some points throughout this whole thing. Still hate the Packers though.

♦️ Mr. Ciara to me seemed like a good pick. I mean he's a good Christian boy after all.


RB: LeSean McCoy (Buffalo) and Isaiah Crowell (Cleveland)

♦️ It's been said that LeSean McCoy is the only 'good' player left on the Buffalo Bills and that the team will do everything in their power to keep him. So with hearing that I then thought 'okay, so the team will do all in their power to make sure that McCoy is 100% all the time. I'll take him!!'.

♦️ Once I picked Crowell I discovered that he's currently out of action with a groin injury. I'm not sure when he got hurt, but it takes a few weeks (the latest six weeks) to heal an injury like that. I pray that he's icing that injury everyday before September 7th.


WR: T.Y. Hilton (Indianapolis) and Doug Baldwin (Seattle)

♦️ I originally wanted to draft Julian Edelman from the New England Patriots but I waited too long to draft him in the 7th round. So I went with Hilton because he was recommended to me as a good pick so I was like, why not.

♦️ Again this guy was recommended to me so I picked him. He's probably a good guy on the field so let's see what he can do.


TE: Delanie Walker (Tennessee)

♦️ I had overheard some guys talking about Walker before I had gotten to my draft party. So I looked him up right away and thought to myself after looking at his stats... 'fingers cross that he doesn't miss any games this year'. He seriously played in almost every game, expect for one last season.


FLEX: Michael Crabtree (Oakland) and Adam Thielen (Minnesota)

♦️ When I was going over who all I could choose, I always kept going back to Crabtree. I remember all of the sports channels talking about him last season. So welcome to the Black Widows, Michael!

♦️ I sadly wasn't able to get my all around favorite Vikings player Harrison Smith (*Sigh*.... he's perfect) on my team, but thankfully I was able to snatch up my second favorite player Mr. Adam Thielen.


D/ST: Texans

♦️ Three words: J.J. Watt. Returns!


K: Justin Tucker (Baltimore)

♦️ He's not Blair Walsh, so I think I'll be good and not have to worry too much.



WR: Allen Robinson (Jacksonville)

♦️ I think that Robinson will have a bright future in the NFL. Now let's just hope that bright future brings me some points.


TE: Jack Doyle (Tennessee)

♦️ Another recommended player that I decided to go with.


RB: Theo Riddick (Detroit)

♦️ Taking a chance with Riddick. The man broke both of his wrists last year, lets just hope that they've both healed to 100% before September 7th.


WR: Cameron Meredith (Chicago)

♦️ Meredith had nine catches last year... fingers crossed that he can go for ten or eleven this season.


QB: Carson Wentz (Philadelphia)

♦️ Wentz's debut/rookie season last year surprised a lot of people, including myself. So let's hope that his sophomore year brings those same numbers and shocking moments.


So Loonatics... what do you think? Do the Black Widows have a shot at all?

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