This is awesome! The Glensheen has announced their new virtual tour option and it is very unique.

The theme of the second virtual tour will be nooks and crannies! According to event organizers, the virtual tour will take us through a tour of the mansion's "nooks & crannies, drawers & cabinets" and even secret compartments.

These are things you may not even see on a regular tour of the Glensheen! The tour will also let viewers "peer inside the silver safe, see secret compartments, explore the attic, learn more about rarely-seen collection items" at the Glensheen, according to the event's Facebook page.

These digital tours are a great way to see the Glensheen from the comfort of your couch! Once you purchase a ticket, you will have until December 31st to complete the tour as many times as you want. The virtual tour will run about twenty minutes. Each ticket costs just five bucks.

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This is the second of three virtual tours the venue is offering while they remain shutdown under Minnesota's new COVID-19 restrictions. The first virtual tour was announced right around Thanksgiving and takes viewers on a tour throughout the Glensheen to see all of their famous Christmas decorations and light displays. The third tour has not yet become available.

The Glensheen, along with so many other local business, has had to get creative during this shutdown, which extends until mid-December. This is an awesome way to support our local businesses amid the pandemic and would make a great Christmas gift, too! The Glensheen is located at 3300 London Road in Duluth.


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