I've been saying for weeks that Johnny U and his lame jokes haven't been his usual golf jokes at this time of year.  Now I get that it's a strange time with the whole pandemic and everyone social distancing and what not.  But golf was one of the first things that was brought back after the original shut down in March.

Johnny U 5-31-19

  So, finally, this week, Johnny U comes in and he has some golf jokes.  Were they good?  Absolutely not.  Why would we expect them to be good?  After all, it is called Lame Joke Friday for a reason.  But you would think that with all of the jokes that he has that once in a while he would have a good one.

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Hasn't happened yet.  But Baxter keeps hoping for one.  The odds makers say that eventually there has to be a good one in the bunch.

Here  is this week's offerings.  Yes, it does have to do with golf... the first one is relating to some very bad behavior.  And the second one has someone making a deal with the devil. And how do you suppose that worked out?

Listen and learn...

Sometimes the funniest parts are when he tends to laugh at his own jokes.  I think he is his own biggest fan!  Well, in all fairness, someone has to be, right?

If you want to check out Lame Joke Friday next week live on the air, tune in Friday around 7:35am.  Right after Dave Overlund's sports.  But you can always catch it here later and on our Loon Mobile App.

Happy Weekend!  Be well.

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