Coronavirus Shutdown Many of Our Favorite Things

The COVID-19 coronavirus forced many restaurants to pull a lot of items from the menu. One of those restaurants was McDonald’s, and one of those items was their ice cream cones. A phone call to five McDonald's locations in the St. Cloud area, which includes St. Cloud, Waite Park, and Sartell, confirmed that the lickable goodness is back.

Why Stop Serving Soft Serve?

McDonald's decided to pull the cones off the menu to increase the speed of the drive-thru and make sure they could get customers their food more quickly and efficiently. It does make sense because those cones do take some time to prepare. And when you times a few cones by several customers, it can really slow things down.

Good, Cheap and Just in Time

The best part of the fast-food chain's ice cream cones is that they are only like $1.50, and they are only 200 calories.

With the last couple of 90+ degree days, this came at the right time. Ice cream is perfect for a hot summer day. You just have to make sure you eat it fast enough before it melts all over your hand -- but of course, not too quickly. You do not want that awful ice cream headache.

'Sorry, The Machine is Broken'

Unfortunately, if you have gone to McDonald’s enough, the ice cream machine 'breaks down' sometimes. Fortunately for us, there is an app for that. So instead of being unpleasantly surprised, you can check ahead of time to see if the ice cream machine is 'working' so you don't waste your time.

According to an article from, the app is called Ice Check, and it gives information in real-time. And here's another piece of good news, those 'broken' machines might be a thing of the past. You got to love the 21st century!

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