After a lot of the studies done regarding wine, and mentioning that red wines are good for your health, heart, etc, I felt bad because I really don't like red wine.  BUT- now there is this study... while reds might be better for your health, whites are better for your mental health!  Yay!  White wine makes you happier.

Purestock, ThinkStock
Purestock, ThinkStock

And here is the thing... there were a few factors that played into this finding.  Age seemed to be one of the biggest factors.  Women were better able to tell the difference between the wines, and men would just drink either red or white... no real difference in the types of red or white.  That would change slightly from younger to older wine drinkers.

Oh, and women in both age groups were able to have higher emotional responses than men.  That study right there makes me say.... "well, duh!".  Why would anyone be surprised by that outcome?

Bottom line- red is probably better for you... but whites make you happier.  I like to be happy, so white wine will still be my preference.


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