ST. CLOUD -- Whether it's preparing for surgery, or wanting to be close to your loved one in their final hours, the Gorecki Guest House has been providing hospital guests a warm place to sleep during these difficult times.

The house was built in 2009, and now celebrates it's 8th year in operation. Gorecki Guest House Specialist Christine Midthun says the guest house is a wonderful service to the community and hospital.

"CentraCare does not have to offer something like this. I know in talking to our guests there is some tough situations and it's not a vacation place. Many say if they do have to go through these tough times, they feel blessed to stay here."

More than 18,500 guests have stayed at the Gorecki Guest House from 84 counties in Minnesota, 49 states plus the District of Columbia and 9 countries.

Ben and Dorothy Gorecki were the main contributors to the house. Dorothy says the house has grown into a vital part of the community.

"We thought this would be good for the hospital and the people out of town and it really has been nice. I've gotten thank you's from lots of people who have stayed here."

The Gorecki Guest House has 28 rooms and holds a 70% occupancy rate per night. For more information on room availability you can call 320-251-2700, ext. 51774.

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