Most of the time if you hear 5 thousand dollars to buy a house you probably figure that is either the down payment, or closing costs, or something along those lines.  But here's the deal - it's $5 thousand dollars to purchase the house!!  $5 thousand dollars and the house is completely YOURS!

Facebook Marketplace, Byron, Minnesota
Facebook Marketplace, Byron, Minnesota

What's the catch?  Because you know there is one.

The house located in Byron, Minnesota which is just West of Rochester. It is currently sitting on some prime real estate that would be great for commercial businesses.  So, you would have to move the thing to wherever you find some land.  So, yes, it's just $5 thousand dollars for the house, but then you do need to buy some land to put it on ,have a foundation poured, and also the cost of moving the structure.  So, you could be looking at a possible $200,000 extra.... depending on where you move it, cost of land, etc.

Maybe you are lucky and already own a piece of land that you could put the house on.  That would be ideal.  But if you are interested in looking at this house and seeing if it's the right thing for you... it's listed on Facebook Marketplace by realtor Meg Deden.  Meg is actually a friend of mine and I asked her about the house and she said the house is actually very nice.  But the person who buys it will just have to move it somewhere.  That's where the bulk of the cost will come into play.

Here is the actual listing

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