This seems like a scene out of the "Walking Dead".  It's a town, and it's abandoned, and it has been overgrown and looks a little creepy.

If you have a great imagination, and can see past all of the horror movie set - looking buildings and roads, this might be a great investment.  Do you have a vision?  Or - maybe it's just that... a movie set.  This is something that might be great to rent out to movie producers for something along the lines of a Halloween horror movie.  Why not?

A bit of a back story on this abandoned town.  It is located in Finland, Minnesota.  Finland is located North of Two Harbors, about 3 and a half hours from St. Cloud.  The town is actually an abandoned Air Force Base.


Situated at the top of Lookout Mountain, with spectacular views of Lake Superior, Finland Air Force Base has 43 deserted homes in various stages of disrepair. While it might not be widely known, the base was used as a lookout for potential threats coming into the United States from Canada.

Listed for $800,000, the eerily empty property operated as a self-sustaining air base for nearly 30 years until it closed in 1980. It has since sold several times.

My question is this - if it has been sold several times since 1980, what did the buyers do with it?  Because it looks like the answer to that question is "nothing".

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Apparently the original plan was for luxury homes for people. That plan never came to fruition.  The community has spoken out expressing a want/need for something that would benefit and contribute to the community.  Personally, a movie set that is rented out would be ideal.  The entire time that the film (whatever it is) would be filming, would be bringing revenue to the area with all of the actors and crew that would come along with the film.

Just a thought.  What would you do with the property?

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