I love it when I find out there are normal household things that you can use for things that you may have purchased other things for.  It's a way to save some money and totally multitask your household items.  There are a couple of good things that can happen, less room to store stuff, and also save some cash, who doesn't want to do that now, right?

Laura Bradshaw TSM St Cloud
Laura Bradshaw TSM St Cloud

I heard about a thousand ways you can use vodka as a cleaner... I don't really want to waste a bottle of Titos on that, but now we have some baking soda.  A lot less, and really, what else are you using that for?

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I have this giant bag I got at like Costco or something and it's lasted for like over two years or some-odd time.  Time to start repurposing that stuff.  I'm sure it can multi-task.  So I found these uses. And now I will share them with you! And by the way, these are just a few of the uses.  You can find the entire list here.

So, here ya go, what else can you do with baking soda other than bake with it?

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