Hemp is now legal to grow and one man has been working on developing hemp hardwood. He is building a 6 million dollar factory to manufacture his "Hemp Wood".

This stuff is no particle board. It looks and feels just like oak and is 20 percent harder than the mighty oak. Growing time is 100 times faster than oak and while oak takes up to 60 years to mature, hemp matures in just 6 months.


Since oak trees are among the most endangered trees on Earth, this is good news, since there is always a high demand for oak furniture,The owner of this company is a guy named Greg Wilson. Wilson previously made a name for himself in the bamboo flooring industry.

Some of the many uses for Hemp Wood are blocks, flooring, cutting boards and skateboards. The company is headquartered in Kentucky, which already has over 40,000 acres of hemp being farmed.

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