Bored during this pandemic  and quarantine?  I get that things are starting to open up, but not everyone is ready to go full out back to normal.  So, what is there to do?

Minnesota DNR
Minnesota DNR

Maple Grove, which is just a short drive down I94 from St Cloud has a great park that has so many different activities available that everyone in your family should be able to find something to do....even the dog!

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If you go to the website, for Fish Lake Regional Park, you will find a list of activities.  They include archery, biking, fishing, boating, camping, dog off leash parks, dog on leash trails, educational classes, golf, hiking, and really, SO much more!  There are a lot of summer and winter things to do, but not ALL of them are open right now. Just because of social distancing, but honestly, most of the activities are available right now, so you should be able to find something for everyone even in the midst of the continued pandemic.  Their website does have an updated list for COVID-19 restrictions and what is and what isn't allowed right now.  It changes from day to day and week to week, so make sure you check and see if the activity you are interested in is available right now.  So far, what I noticed what that the play areas weren't available currently.

The weather is getting so nice...and sometimes pretty hot and humid, and getting out to enjoy what Minnesota has to offer might be just what the Dr. ordered.  Enjoy Minnesota and all of the lakes and outdoor activities!  Besides, getting outside really does help your immune system... so it does a body good!

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