It seems like there are two bands from back in the day that have been everywhere lately - Fleetwood Mac and Guns-N-Roses. As I’ve already shed some spotlight on Fleetwood Mac in a previous episode of Rock Talk, it’s time to give some time to my boys in Guns-N-Roses.

There are very few bands who are as energetic and passionate as these guys. From show one, I think they were destined for greatness. Axl Rose and Slash have always been one of the great duos in rock history (even if there was some bad blood there for a while.)

Now, if you live under a boulder and haven't heard yet, GNR is going to perform in MN on their upcoming tour. However, if you're unable to attend and you still want to experience those legendary songs live, there is a cool alternative available. I'm talking about the GNR tribute "Nightrain." They're going to be performing at Shed Fest 2020 in Champlin, MN on Saturday September 19th at 8 pm.

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