This is hilarious.  Only because how many of you have ever felt like doing this?  Being a girl, I am generally not in this position... but I could see how some guys would get upset with stuff.  At least have the decency to tell him you aren't interested.

Here's the deal... these two went out on a date.  He spent some money on her, being that he probably asked her out, and felt he should then be the one paying.  After a few drinks and dinner, they parted ways and she never returned any of his texts or calls.  "Ghosted" as they say.

So, he got upset and sent her a bill with her part of the date itemized.  Like a formal invoice.  And also stated that if she didn't pay that he would send it on to a collection agency.  Well, he's obviously bitter.  And it's the principle of the situation.  He's upset that she ghosted him.  Yes, she should have at least told him she wasn't interested.  But he should have also figured that out after a couple unreturned texts and/or phone calls.

She posted it and it wound up going viral.  I'm sure she didn't expect that.  Now she has made her profile private and removed the tweet.  Poor girl.  Probably won't do that again, huh?

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