This ad that is running during this Sunday's Super Bowl is kind of a tear jerker.

David MacNeil is the owner of WeatherTech, the company that makes those floor mats for and last year ventured into food bowls for dogs and cats and misc per care products..

Macneil ran an ad last year during the Super Bowl for his pet care product line and had his golden retriever Scout star in the ad.

Well, Scout developed some serious health problems since. back in June, Scout was diagnosed with a tumor on his heart. Scout was given about a 1% chance of surviving.


David refused to put Scout down and took him to the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Science for help. The vets there were not only able to shrink the tumor, it has pretty much disappeared completely.

David is so grateful and appreciative to the school that he is running another ad during this year's Super Bowl but not for his WeatherTech company. this time he's running an ad starring Scout, once again, but raising money for the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Science as a way to say thank you.

Check out the new commercial below


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