It's something that so many of us watch.  The Hallmark Channel at Holiday time.  Usually the holiday movies kick off on the Hallmark Channel right around the beginning of November.  It seems like the last couple of years it was in October.  That seems a bit early, but they are lighthearted movies, and maybe some people needed that kind of vibe.

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Anyway, usually these movies are filmed in July.  That's why the "snow" always looks so strange and is placed around the light posts, fences, and basically anywhere other than the roads and/or sidewalks.  Wouldn't that be nice if that really happened?

This year, there is a movie being added to the rotation that was filmed here in Minnesota.  Duluth, actually.  It's called "Rescuing Christmas" and stars Rachael Leigh Cook, who is a Minnesota native.  She is originally from Minneapolis and has starred in movies like "She's All That" and "Josie and the Pussycats".

Looks like this movie is set to hit the Hallmark Streaming service on December 7th according to TV Insider website.  It doesn't say anything about  being on the actual Hallmark Channel, but I can't imagine that it wouldn't be.

This movie, "Rescuing Christmas" follows a photographer who doesn't like Christmas.  And I'm sure you can guess the rest.  Every Hallmark Holiday movie has basically the same plot.  And there is always a kiss at the end, and some "just about kisses" throughout the movie.  Always the same. Obviously with some sort of variation, but basically always the same. But we are all still here for it.  It's lighthearted fun, and we can always use a bit of that.

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