Sounds kind of strange, right... not just for kids.  I'm talking about the kid drink Pedialyte.  I remember having to pick up some items for a band that we were bringing into the area.  One thing on the list was Pedialyte.  I'm like... who's the drunk?  Or is there a child on the bus?  Nope, it actually works for a hangover.  Crazy, right?  Two guys from Minnesota have taken that idea and made it into something that seems a bit more adult like.  Introducing Revitalyte.  It's really basically the same as Pedialyte, but it's more like a sports drink for adults.

With St. Patrick's Day this weekend, you may be indulging just a bit more than usual.  Now here is something that might actually make your recovery a bit easier.  And there are no raw eggs, or other gross things involved.  That was always my issue with any sort of hangover cure...having to eat or drink gross stuff that I couldn't even stomach without being hungover.

Try it this weekend... let me know how it goes.


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