Bob's 40th anniversary album is titled, 'Planet Waves' which was his 14th studio album, needless to say; he had already hit veteran status.I'll be honest if I ever needed a band to back me as a collaborator it would be The Band as they did many times with Bob.

By 1973 it had already been some seven years since they toured together.

The album 'Planet Waves' happened when The Band and Bob committed to a reunion tour, then began new material for live performances. Released January 17th, 1974.

Original LP track list:

Planet Waves LP, YouTube
Planet Waves LP, YouTube

Side 1:

  1. "On A Night Like This"
  2. "Going, Going, Going"
  3. "Tough Mama"
  4. "Hazel"
  5. "Something There Is About You"
  6. "Forever Young"

Side 2:

  1. "Forever Young" (continued)
  2. "Dirge"
  3. "You Angel You"
  4. "Never Say Good-Bye"
  5. "Wedding Song"

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Bob Dylan with The Band : "Forever Young":

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